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Apr 24, 2021
First and foremost, thank you for joining the OTG Community! The forums are an extension of the platform, and we hope that you'll use them to:
  • Share your adventures with others in theTrip Reports forum
  • Provide knowledge/expertise to others who have questions about certain routes, trails, gear etc
  • Connect with likeminded folks
  • Share Route & Trail Statuses
  • Plan your next adventure in the Trip Planning forum
  • And so much more!!!

New Member Introductions
Be sure to introduce yourself to the community in this thread HERE.

A Few Quick Guidelines


We strive to create an inclusive and well rounded community. With that said, bullying and name calling of any kind will not be tolerated in the OTG community. Repeat offenders may have their membership revoked.

Posting GPX and other geo-encoded files
The terms and conditions for registering on OTG prohibit the sharing of any of our routes GPX, KMZ, or other geo-encoded files types or maps with other persons, regardless of the medium used to share the files or digital content. Sharing OTG Route Files with others will result in revoked membership, and potentially legal action depending on the scope of the offense.

**You may share geo-encoded files (GPZ, KMZ, etc) and/or maps that are unrelated to OTG's catalogue of overland routes.

Off Topic Posts and Inappropriate content
Posts and replies should reflect the subject matter of the specific forum. Posting or replying with unrelated subject matter (e.g. political banter) may result in a thread being locked or moved.

Selling and Promotion
You may post for sale items in one of our related Sales/Classifieds forums. Promoting an item, vehicle, or service for sale in other forums is not permitted. The promotion of services is not permitted at this time. Spamming the forum will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

Reporting Violations
Members can flag posts/replies they feel violate one or more of the Guidelines outlined in this post. Our team of moderators will be notified of the issue and will review. For egregious violations, please send a DM to user/admin @OTG Ben
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